3D Microchannel fabrication

The proposed instrument consists of a hand held base unit and a disposable cartridge or labcard that will carry out a Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction automatically, from sample preparation, to detection. The labcard, made of SU-8 on a plastic film, contains all the disposable components, whereas the base unit has all the standard electronics and optics. This approach will avoid any cross contamination between measurements.

Click here to view the process

Click here to view the process

Fabrication process of 3D microchannels and its components

The labcard is divided in six building blocks:

The base unit will have the electronics plus two photodiodes and a standard laser to excite the dye laser. Neither the light source nor detectors are demanding high quality alignment (dye laser feature) to provide easy replacement of the disposable labcard due to fluorescence allows multimode waveguiding (large waveguides). The alignment of the labcard with the laser source and photodiodes can be realistically done by mechanical alignment marks.