Expected results

Next table compares current commercial devices versus our objectives.

D I S R U P T I V E         A T T A I N A B L E         F E A T U R E S
FeatureNowadaysOur proposal
FabricationPlastic Replication, Embedded glass microchannels without the sensing partThick Photoresist lithography, Lamination, Low Temp bonding, ebeam, allowing waveguides
UseTrained personnelEasy to use
Biological sampleml of treated samplenl of “raw” sample
Automatic protocol(Manual)Low reproducibility(Fully Automatic)High reproducibility
Easy contaminationNo contamination
Time6 hours-1 day (Desktop instrument)15 minutes
2-4 days (enrichment)-
SizeDesktop instrumentCredit card size
Reagent bottles (enrichment)(95mm x 60mm x 5mm)
Dead pathogen detectionNot allYes
Cost per analysis18 €3-5 €
Real TimeNo (except some Desktop Instrument)YES
Reagent usedmlnl